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Durga Puja in Africa
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Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
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Delhi and NCR
Durga Puja 2011

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Puja Type :   BAROARI
South Kolkata
Year of initiation  1938  
Website :



Deshapriya Park Durgotsab, came into the focus in 2005, observing the centenary of “Protest against Partition of Bengal in 1905”. The pandal exterior was made a replica of Calcutta Town Hall, the most significant building to the incident. The interior was decorated with thousands of Rakhi signifying the initiation of Raksha Bandhan by Rabindranath Tagore during the partition, to establish brotherhood amongst the people of both the parts of Bengal.

The project was extensively covered by the media, highly appreciated by the public, and the footfalls were huge. It was the turn around year for this Samity. Since, then we were considered as a place to go by Kolkatans during the Puja days.

We started getting patronizations of big Indian Corporate as well as media houses since then.

Sri. S. K. Barman (Founder of Dabur India), Justice Padma Khastagir etc. joined us. With an uncompromising commitment towards sustaining and promoting our rich culture and exposing and reinforcing future generations whilst encouraging their active involvement with significant Indian values and heritage, the Samity has planned to attain new heights of aesthetic splendor and divine ambience through the ensemble of idol, pandal and environs of this ‘art puja’.

We aspire to present to the multitudes of our visitors an unique simulation of ‘Souro Chokrolok " where we relate "Sun the ultimate power (Shakti)" of Universe in respect of Astrological and Astronomical views, abode of Gods on our very planet - an innovative theme with a promise of radiating piety and devotion. We are successfully carrying forward a 76 year old glorious legacy of celebrations-The Post Platinum Jubilee.


  In our earnest endeavours to attain new heights of aesthetic splendour and divine ambience of the ensemble of idol, pandal and environs of this ‘art puja’ we aspire to present to the multitudes of our visitors an unique simulation of Souro Chokrolok – the abode of Gods on our very planet - an innovative theme with a promise of radiating piety and devotion. The theme has been conceived by none other than the celebrated artist and designer Shri Subha with a daunting track record of feathering almost all top coveted awards of Kolkata Durga Puja. His artistry will remain focused on a synergy of tradition and innovation at their creative best with an emphatic blend of art and worship in positioning of his creation of SOURO CHOKROLOK.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  Subha
     Pratima :  Bablu Banik (Patuli)
     Pandal  :  Subha
     Lighting :  Bablu Nandi


2012 Theme : INDRA KANON
  Imaginary palace of Lord Indra surrounded by garden of eden. The garden with natural herbs and plants with fountains have been developed in last 3 months on the fields of the park. The palace is richly decorated and sculptured with artistic excellence over thermocol giving a perfect finish of marble. Inauguration on 18th October 2012 to be attended by some dignified personalities. We shall also arrange to do some philanthropy during the festive, as we did in the past. Musical live performances by singers and bands of highest repute on all the 3 evenings of the Puja.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  Deepak Ghosh
     Pratima :  Bablu Banik ( Patuli)
     Pandal  :  Deepak Ghosh
     Lighting :  Southern Electric


2010 Theme : Annyo Kuthir Puja
  The special Puja attraction of the Deshopriyo Park Puja is Anna Kuthir Puja. The Anna Kuthir Puja is done on Subha Austimi day. In this Bhog is made of Basmati Rice, Ghee, Cashunut, Vegetables, Milk & etc and delicately cooked. The Bhog is offered on a vessel in the sape of a small hill to mother Durga. The height of this hill of Bhog is at least till the height of Devi Durga‘s idol. The height should to the same level of forehead of the idol of Devi Durga. On Nabami, Kumari Puja & Yogya is also organized. There is a special members and guest lounge with lunch & supper is offered to allow them to spend the Puja days in fun. The Puja pandal is surrounded by a big mela consisting of different shops, etable options and joyrides. These arrangements give people choice and option to enjoy & celebrate Puja to its fullest. The different game shows are also organized by media houses to enhance the festive occasion to its true spirit.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Santanu Rudra Pal
     Pandal  :  Bakshi Decorators
     Lighting :  Southern Electric & Sound




Year Awards  
2012  Tribhuvani Samman  Best Light Decoration 
  Awarded by SRT Associates   
2012  Kolkata Sree  Mayor's choice Best Puja 
  Awarded by Kolkata Municipal Corporation/CESC   
2012  Srishti Sharad Samman  6th 
  Awarded by Women, The Srishti Association   
2012  Kolkata Sree  Best Ambience 
  Awarded by Kolkata Municipal Corporation/CESC   
2012  Channel 10  Runners Up 
  Awarded by Channel 10   
  Awarded by    
  Awarded by    




Name : Avishek De Biswas/ Rup Kumar -
Address :





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