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Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
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Puja Type :   BAROARI
South Kolkata
Year of initiation  1935  
Website :



In the year 1935 the club started. In the pre independence era the member had deep interest in body building sports, the main idea was to sharing of information for the greater cause of bring freedom to the country. The members due to deep interest in the body building activities got opportunity of interacting with British offices of different rank, which helped with crucial information about the movement of the British govt. and provide the same to our freedom fighters. The club was formed to participate in different sports activities. The club had a very active football club. They had renounced players of East Bengal & Mohonbagan played for Mudiali club as because they used to stay in this locality. The club used to participate in the south Calcutta league and have been champions of the league few times. They also won the John shield. The club also won the Duncans Shield. The club had players like Shantu Dasgupta, Probirto Mukherjee, Barin Choudhury, Prosanto Circle, Inder Bakshi, Mongol Purokaisto, Chandan Banerjee., Kamal Sarka & Kayai Sarka, Milka Singh., Naku Biswas. The club had great glory to be very active in sports. The cricket team had high acclaim due to great sports. The club started organizing Puja from the beginning, the locality then had only one club called Mudiali club. Later two more club came out as Shiv Mandir & Bengal united.

They club is very active in cultural side and they organize cultural Puja for Rabindra Jyonti. They are also very active in social activities. In 1985 the club celebrated the golden jubilee. From then the Puja started to be very popular. The club has a specialty to bring the idol from Chandan Nagar. This started from 1969. The idol artist was Hari Pal and later after his expiry now his son Ashit Pal is the idol artist of Chandan Nagar. Mudiali club introduced the iron structure in making a pandal.
The heritage of being active in sports still hold strong, the club reached to the quarter final of footfall tournament of 24 Ghanta Foot Ball Para Tournament. 2 players were also won the man of the match during the tournament. The safety is high importance to the club. Thy make many arrangements for safety.
Kumari Puja is held on Nabami & live telecast on leading TV channel.
On 300th year of Kolkata, the club created lighting in the form of gas lamp post.
Mudiali Club have the specialty of creating a Street Lamp each year and which is always unique of its own.


2012 Theme : Aitijho r saaj nutan bhave theme chara ďPujaĒ hobe
  In last decade our society have added a new word called Theme has taken a very important role in the Kolkata Durga puja celebration.In that case the whole pandal and the idol is based on a story or a theme to create something different.This year Mudiali club , the idea is to take reference of the original & eternal beauty of Mother Durga and highlight & showcase in the traditional Form .The ambience is in the flavor of the festival in the traditional form with the full spirit of celebration.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Sushanta Pal
     Pandal  :  
     Lighting :  


2011 Theme : The Light of Life that Wires Bind, Will Shun The Darkness in our Mind
  Now-a-days in the age of Machines, we all are very busy, shabbier towards machine and technology. We are always moving in a lighting speed most of the time. We mix with each other for a motive or purpose on the back of our mind. The age has come that we donít waste time with our relatives, friends with free gossips. Our minds are darkend with selfishness.
With the advent of Durga puja celebration, like the white cloud removes the black darkness of cloud, like the golden ray of sunshine glitters the blue sky, let us try to shun the darkness of our mind. As the bulb glows with the help of electrical wires, let us try to unite with the help of an invisible wire. Let us try to build a mental bondage. Come and join us to remove the human minds darkness and enlighten us to bring a strong human mental binding.
You will see the refection of this strong human mental binding in this yearís Durga puja. The pandal is designed based on dolls of various districts of West Bengal and these dolls are wonderfully decorated with various types of colourful electrical wires. You will also find some ethnic designs of these colourful electrical wires on the dresses of our goddesses as well as the street lights on both sides of the road.
The various Dolls in the pandal depict the variety of people in our society. To enlighten the wave of light to these people of the society we have used various types of colourful electrical wires.
Come, let us all join together with the help of an invisible wire, bind a mental bondage and enlighten the human light of life in our minds
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Asit Pal (Chandannagore)
     Pandal  :  Bandan Rahar (Artist, Concept & Decorators)
     Lighting :  Shere Elactric, Aurobindo Ghosh (Image Decoration and street Light Stand)


2010 Theme : Temple
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Asit Pal (Chandannagore)
     Pandal  :  
     Lighting :  


2009 Theme : Temple of a Sand Stone
  Pandal construction withal design by Mefuz Khan. The lighting always have specialty for the club.
This year was the 75th year. We facilitated 75 senior members & their families in respect to their contribution the club. The design of the temple had a beautiful artwork of Belgium glass work. It gave us the glimpse of the style of the Zaminder houses.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Asit Pal (Chandannagore)
     Pandal  :  Mejfuj Khan (Artist)
     Lighting :  Shera Electric


2008 Theme :
  Pandal was an imaginary designed temple made up of Plaster of Paris, a unique of its own which had a SANKHYA and GANESHJI at the gate and a SHIB PARBATI along the exit points of the gate.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Asit Pal (Chandannagore)
     Pandal  :  Mejfuj Khan (Artist)
     Lighting :  Sera Electricals


2007 Theme : Rural Bengal
  Pandal was an imaginary designed temple made up of Straw, mattresses, which had an exotic technique designs from the artists of Rural Bengal.
The pandal had highlighted the depth of design & arts of Bengal.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Asit Pal/Mihir Pandit (Decoration of Pratima)
     Pandal  :  Bandhan Raha (Artist & Decorators)
     Lighting :  Roy Electricals


2006 Theme : Zamindarís Rajbari
  An imaginary designed Zamindarís Rajbari was made as Pandal. It looked so natural that viewers thought that it was a permanent structure. To match with the Rajbari the lighting of the street was made alike olden dayís lamp shades on the street.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Asit Pal/Aditya Malakar(Decoration of Pratima)
     Pandal  :  Arup Ghosh (Paul) Decorators
     Lighting :  Roy Electricals


2005 Theme : Mukteshwar Temple of Orissa
  We had made Mukteshwar Temple of Orissa. Pandal was made up of Shola. The lightings was brought from Orissa, it resembles the Orissa heritage and rich designed Umbrellaís from Pipli.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Mohanbasi Rudra Pal (Kumortuli)
     Pandal  :  Dipak Ghosh (Artist)
     Lighting :  Shera Electric




Year Awards  
2008  Star Ananda  Evergreen 
  Awarded by Star Ananda   
2008  Star Ananda  Best Pandal 
  Awarded by Star Ananda   




Name : Ashoke Dey, Santanu Banerjee -
Address :





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