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Durga Puja in Africa
by Kumar Biswas

Durga Puja of Bonedi Families at Kolkata
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Immersion journey on bullock-cart at Kashmere Gate, Delhi
Photo story : Shouvik Basak

Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
Mahishasurmardini on Bengal Terracotta
by Rangan Dutta

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Durga Puja 2013

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Delhi and NCR
Durga Puja 2011

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Puja Type :   BAROARI
South Kolkata
Year of initiation  1943  
Website :



The club was formed in the year 1947 post independence. The club was formed by the local residents as a place of get-together. With all other recreations, Durga Puja was also part of their activities. The Puja at that time used to happen inside a house in the form of community Puja. During that time the involvement was limited to few families. With time more families wanted to be part of the Puja and so organizing Puja in the same location was getting tough. Around 1950 the Durga Puja a, moved to a nearby park. The newer Puja was of larger form with more families started participating and transferred themselves to a Baroari Puja. They continued with the traditional Durga Puja for more 50 years. With changing time the club wanted to do something different and new so on 2005 the club transferred themselves to organize theme Puja.
The club with tine have venture into social activities.


2011 Theme : Maharaj Protapaditya Ferighat
  Maharaj Protapaditya was a king of East Bangla (Bangladesh). Once upon a time Devi rised in his boat, when he was on the river
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Surojit Paul
     Pandal  :  Arun Sarkar (Artist & Decorators)
     Lighting :  Laxman Chadra Electric


2010 Theme : Andhoker r atol theke ananto r dika - From darkness to enlightment
  This year the theme is to come out of darkness to light. Members of larger families have got scattered and the young generation have moved to greener pastures for the resource of work. Older generation of the traditional & distinguished families have stayed on to their roots and culture. The cost for that have been the loneliness & neglect ness by the younger generation. The old are left at the mercy of time & themselves. The involvement of the younger generation to their culture has been in the form of spending a vacation during Durga puja.
So to find company the older generation invited people of similar fate to stay together.
In spite of the old age and the falling health condition the older generation still believe in the power of good over evil and reach to the pure light by worshiping mother durga at their home with the involvement of other residents.
So they invite mother with her family to visit their Bridha Ashram in this Autumn Festival (autumnal).
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  Krishna Pal
     Pandal  :  Partho Joardar (Artist), Kundu Decorators
     Lighting :  Chandra Electric


2009 Theme : Payea hete kumayun
  The theme was a Mandir from kumayun. An old Mandir Dham was created where you go used to happen during Puja. Surrounding the Mandir were the 4 Nat Mandir of Shiv Linga in it. Mother Durga was residing in the main Mandir. The yoga sthal (location) was the open view and was to worship mother Durga. The deity was finished with the fill of a marble rock as if mother has evolved from the rock.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  
     Pandal  :  Bapi Pal (Artist)
     Lighting :  


2008 Theme : Temple of South India
  This year an imaginary temple of south India was created. In this year 6 different form & incarnation of Shiv was highlighted. The theme had referred to mythology in displaying different forms & incarnation of Shiv Ji. In this autumn the devotees worshiped mother Durga in the main Mandir. The mother Durga was in the form of black stone.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  
     Pandal  :  Bapi Pal (Artist)
     Lighting :  


2007 Theme : Ananda Chitrakoot Dham
  This was a replica of Ananda Chitrakoot Dham. The Mandir had a height of near to 40 ft. there were an idol of Ganesh Ji and Hanuman Ji on both sides of the gate. Each idols of Mandir gate was 20 ft tall. They replicated the Mandir beautifully that the devotees thought a the Mandir was always there.
     Art Director / Theme Artist :  
     Pratima :  
     Pandal  :  Pradip Pal (Artist)
     Lighting :  




Year Awards  
2008  Charbela Patrika - Sharod Samman  Best lighting 
  Awarded by Charbela Patrika   
  South Kolkata Sports Association  Ambience 
  Awarded by South Kolkata Sports Association   




Name : Suvendu Mallick / Apurba Ghosh Roy -
Address :





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